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Who were they?

Who were Salt Solution ?

Andy Clark - Drums. Simon Bartlett - Bass, backing vocals. Pete Milner - Sax, keyboards, occasional backing vocals, tap dancing. Robert Bathurst - Lead & rhythm guitar, occasional backing vocals. Martin Day - Vocals, occasional lead & rhythm guitar.

The Salties live at the Greenbelt festivalWhat were they like ?

If there was ever a typical concert for Salt Solution, this was it. A darkened church hall with a single spot light and pulsing disco lights. I was off the stage with my microphone lead trailing behind, with an arm full of broken percussion. It was that time in the evening when I usually hunted out likely victims to perform with the band on stage. I thrust a cow bell at a bloke in the audience, "Can you play that?" I shouted in his ear. "I'm better on saxophone" came the reply. "We haven't got one of those" I didn't have time for this conversation. "I've got one in the car". "Off you go then". He was better on saxophone, and Pete stayed with the band for the next seven years. It would have been the stuff of legend, had ever become famous. But fame was fairly low on the agenda, and just a well. Not that there weren't high points to savour. The large and enthusiastic crowd at the Brixton Academy; that hadn't come because of us. The near Beetle mania in the small mining town in Yorkshire; but then they hadn't seen a live band before. Then there were the schools concerts with kids queuing for autographs at the staff room door, asking when we were going on Top of the Pops. Rob was on Top of the Pops once; in the audience. There were low points too, but we won't dwell on those. Suffice to say that most involved audiences that you did need your shoes and socks off to count.

Essentially the Salties were always a live band, ever conscious that we were subjecting each audience to an hour or more of unfamiliar music, we needed to ensure that it didn't all sound the same. If you are interested in our CD have a look at the home page for details.