Welcome to BCC, or to what used to be BCC! Brookwood Community Church ran as a recognisable free church from September 2001 until December 2008.

In Summary

The Church didn't disband, break up or fail. We loved our church and loved our celebration of God together. But we felt that God was leading us into something different from the conventional expression of church that we had known. This involved stopping our Sunday services and flattening our leadership structure. We now exist as a community of friends that is held together simply by strength of relationship, shared faith and experience of God's grace and, to a lesser degree, a private internet forum that helps us all stay connected.

So although our belief and commitment to church is strong, it is more to the Body of Christ that is His worldwide church on earth. As we no longer tick all the boxes that most people recognise as 'a church', so we find it more helpful not to present ourselves as one.

These pages should go some way to explain what we are about and how we got here.

The People

The faces you see above are both of those of our number from the Woking area who were part of BCC when it ceased to be BCC and also those who are now part of our extended community both in the UK and elsewhere. As no one is more, or less, important than any one else you won't find much in the way of key names mentioned on these pages.

The image you will see at the head of each page represent some of the prophetic pictures and words that have guided our course from the beginnings of our community onwards.

We hope that this site goes some way to explain how God has shaped and guided us. But we ourselves know that God has more for us to learn, experience, understand and do, so don't be disappointed if you leave with some questions unanswered... That's where we are too!

The Picture Above:

As we prepared ourselves for the last few services in 2008 one of our number had the impression of herself standing in a desert that looked devoid of life to the horizon, but God told her to look to her feet and see the green shoots starting to appear. We felt that this was an encouragement that what we were facing looked to hold nothing for us but that what God was already doing would quickly become visible to us. This and other words at the time greatly encouraged us that God was in what would otherwise look like craziness.

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